Wonderful things happen when you join
the Dialogue between Science and Art Civic Active Group (DSA)
Through its network of members, volunteers and leaders, DSA works to further the theory and practice of bridging the science and art, both on theoretical and practical levels

Whether you are an educator, CEO, engineer, government official, parent, retiree, accountant, artist or inventor, your membership in DAS makes you part of a community where “thinking differently” is valued, rather than discouraged. Your membership helps advance the field of creativity and supports programs that teach people how to think more creatively, have fresh insights, make better choices and effect positive change at home, at work and in communities.

Dialogue between Science and Art
c/o Dr.Michal Giboda

Horní Lipská 157, 257 24 Chocerady
Czech Republic

Mobil: +42 732 939 561