Video presentation from Thailand Workshop 2005
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SUMMER WORKSHOP 2005 "Dialogue between Science and Art"

The Civic Action Group "Dialogue between Science and Art" (further Civic group) was established in 2002 in order to address two issues: (i)The better understanding of science and technology in society; (ii) To make science more attractive to the young generation who are losing interest in the study of science and engineering. This is not a problem which faces the Czech Republic alone, although everyone understands that science and technology drive progress and improve economy "based on the knowledge". Science- driven progress is not a one-way street. It can create risks which generate constant pressure for change in our social, moral and cultural order that society does not always welcome.

WORKSHOP - Technologie prezentace dne 4 - 6. 2. 2005

S cílem zkvalitnit prezentaci projektů v soutěžích Netd@ys, Národní korespondent Netd@ys organizuje dvoudenní workshop v Českých Budějovicích na který jsou srdečně zvaní pedagogové i studenti škol všech stupňů z celé České republiky.

SUMMER WORKSHOP 2004 "Dialogue between the cultures"- presentation

Here is CD presentation